14 08, 2020

Day trip to the famous Coonawarra wine region

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Venture the diverse drive to the north, which offers everything from the home of a Saint to the famous Coonawarra wine region. A breath of fresh air to start Spend your journey to Coonawarra with a refreshing walk through Telford Scrub Conservation Park, located 15km north of Mount Gambier. Take the one hour Forest Canopy Walking Trail or venture a little further on the two and a half hour Stringybark Forest Walking Trail. With over [...]

15 08, 2017

It’s Winter, Hot Chocolate Rules!

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We all know the comfort a hot chocolate can bring. There is so much hype about the coffee that the humble hot chocolate has been cast aside. Not in Mount Gambier! We are proud of the hot chocolate experiences we have on offer. We also understand the experience is enhanced when accompanied by a sweet nibble. The pairing options on offer across Mount Gambier are unlimited. Not for us the mass produced cakes and slices, [...]