Close encounters with curious creatures!

A really beautiful spot and completely unexpected, Umpherston Sinkhole is a must see when visiting Mount Gambier it is hard to believe it is only a couple of minutes out of town.

This captivating sinkhole has been turned into a beautiful garden, with stunning vegetation and wild possums! At night when Umpherston is bathed in light, possums emerge from their daytime hideouts to feed.

The friendly little critters let you pat and feed them. They take your food with their tiny paws, you can spend hours watching these curious creatures! The common Brush-tail Possum can adapt to numerous kinds of vegetation. However we all know they prefer fruit and veg over eucalyptus leaves, flowers and seed any day.

Like most possums, the common Brush-tail Possum is nocturnal. Make sure you pack a torch and rug up before heading to the sinkhole after dark.

Be sure to visit Umpherston Sinkhole in the daylight too. The sinkhole is really beautiful to see with the light shining on it. Children can enjoy exploring the luscious green gardens and the surrounding parkland is perfect for a picnic and a play.

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