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Get insights into the current exhibitions with a tour by The Riddoch’s Curator Serena Wong.

No bookings required – please arrive a minimum of 10 minutes prior to the tour starting.

Domestic Arts 

This exhibition subverts and unravels the baggage-laden yet wondrous category of making once labelled ‘domestic arts’ (often a.k.a. ‘women’s work’). Perceived regularly as mundane or sentimental, home-making expressions are reworked in Domestic Arts to show not only the knotty tangles hiding within otherwise innocuous home-craft, but also that these make-do methods are rich repositories of passed along knowledge. In Australia, the domestic arts have been central to settler colonial home-making.

Domestic Arts presents a re-creation of a home; one that celebrates and critiques the tradition of women world-making using the material stuff around them, and one that questions the ongoing and problematic traditions of colonial settling. Using embroidery and home-craft methods, Domestic Arts leaps across generations of local and national historical happenings to create contemporary portals onto the past’s legacies, ever present today.

Close to Home 

Jo Fife’s work focuses on hand made textiles inspired by domestic processes. Referencing both time and place, Fife’s work draws on family connections and geological observations within the Limestone Coast region. Close to Home is centred in Fife’s immediate landscape, telling a deeply personal generational story that is irrevocably entwined with the complex and enduring geological layers this region is celebrated for.

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