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Home-grown, internationally renowned choreographer Lewis Major and his company bring to the stage two contemporary dance works that have garnered such acclaim as “…an exquisite worka perfect fusion of design, light and movement…” (Unfolding, Dance Australia) and “….an intense, enthralling work…” (Satori, The Advertiser).

Unfolding melds fluid dance with shifting 3D projection animation by creative lighting designer Fausto Brusamolino and an epic score by composer James Brown.  Four dancers move through this beautiful work to reveal the poetic possibilities of universal rhythms and cycles in relation to the human form.

Satori is loosely translatable from Japanese as the term for awakening. This hypnotic work is a meditation created by patterns made by bodies, sound and light on the state of impermanence that is our reality. It is a timely balm for the mind.

Don’t miss these two compelling works by Lewis Major Projects, presented in conjunction with Country Arts SA.

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