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Gravity Enduro South Australia (GESA) is dedicated to bringing gravity enduro mountain biking to South Australia.

The Gravity Enduro races consist of at least five timed gravity stages linked together with liaison stages which riders must complete under their own steam (i.e. by pedalling). Although the liaison stages are not timed, there is an overall time in which the course must be completed.

One of the defining features of Gravity Enduro racing is riding the course unseen or with limited practice. The challenge of riding a course blind ensures a level playing field and rewards the best all round riders.

To honour the true spirit of Gravity Enduro racing, and in the name of fair competition, course maps will be published on the Friday before race day. All race venues will be announced prior to the start of the season, or as soon as practicable.

Entries open Monday 16 May at 7:00pm at https://entryboss.cc/calendar/gesa

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