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SCINEMA is a celebration of the power of the moving image to tell stories about the world, how it works, and our place in it. Whether it’s the long slog and occasional thrill of discovery, the awesome scale of our universe, the beauty of nature, environmental challenges that we face on our planet, or how technology will shape our future, there are hundreds of science stories we want to see on screen

RUN TIME 2 hours 23 minutes
Free entry – join in at any time
Dress Circle

#NATURE NOW (United Kingdom)
Award for Social Impact
Run time: 3:39 minutes
Directed by Tom Mustill
#NatureNow is a personal and passionate
call to arms from Greta Thunberg and
George Monbiot to use nature to heal
our broken climate. Made with no flights,
recycled footage and zero net carbon.

Award For Best Online Format
Run time: 19 minutes
Directed by Dimitri Kourtchine
A scientific webseries that leads the
investigation on these not always obvious
links between our everyday life and science.

(United Kingdom)
Award for Best Short Film
Run time: 12:15 minutes
Directed by Bethan Stanley
Scratching the Surface is a short film following the extraordinary work the organisation APOPO and their aptly named HeroRats are currently undertaking in Cambodia and the impact their work is having for those who have no choice but to live alongside landmines.

BUGBOTTLE (United States)
Award For Best Experimental/Animation
Run time: 15:45 minutes
Directed by Beau Janzen
In this short, animated film, visual effects director Beau Janzen explores the idea of a 4th dimension, by using the concept of a glass bottle, and a friendly ant with endless curiosity.

Award For Scientific Merit
Run time: 4:37 minutes
Directed by Caitlin Starowicz,
Mark Starowicz
This captivating documentary goes in depth about not only these extraordinary creatures but the story of three very inspirational women in science. These three women, Jane Goodall, Dian Fossey, and Biruté Galdikas, all went on incredible lifelong journeys living in remote forests or jungles to study what humans consider to be our closest living relatives –the Great Apes.

Award for SCINEMA Junior
Run time: 2:52 minutes
Directed by Caitlin Vass
A short film exploring how animals affect mental health. The young filmmaker interviewed 10 very different people on their views regarding animal therapy.

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