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A partnership between The PaperBoats and Country ArtsSA with support from Arts SA.

The seven colours of the rainbow and the seven notes of the musical scale are used to explore the power of art and creation in an immersive performance where children from the audience are complicit in determining the story’s outcome.

Imogen, our storyteller, imagines StarMan Sam and her imaginings manifest themselves onstage with his arrival.

Even though StarMan Sam doesn’t speak our language, he is able to reveal the amazing possibilities of art and creation that arise when light, colour, music and dance connect.

We discover that the StarMan can only return home to his loved ones when his mission here on earth is complete.

Our audience become key players in his quest to unleash the forces of art and creation by unraveling the mysteries of the seven little wonders.

Sessions include:

Director/Conceptualist: Dave Brown
Performer/Theatre-Makers:  Gavin Clarke,  Sarah Brokensha, Anya McKee
Composer: Gavin Clarke
Technical Manager: Bob Weatherly
Lighting Design: Bob Weatherly and Dave Brown
Motion Graphics: Dave Brown
Technical Support: Fay Cakebread
Business Development Manager: Robyn Brown

Suitable for 3-8 year olds.

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