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This is a retrospective & precise homage to 70’s Shock Rocker Alice Cooper. A 2-hour tribute to Alice’s 70’s Rock theatre smash – Welcome to my nightmare, complete with full size props, costumes and more!

An 8 piece band complimented by dancers and other extras Introducing Dave Hudson as the mischievous 70’s Alice Cooper – a spoiled brat intent on upsetting every Parent in America and beyond. But of course, it was only the seventies! Turns out it used to be a whole lot of good quality FUN!

The Alice Cooper show meticulously recreates the excitement, madness and mayhem of a 70’s Alice Cooper Concert.

*To assist social distancing, audiences will be seated in a checker board layout.
This allows all audience members to maintain the required distance from each other.
This seating arrangement will apply to all patrons, regardless of their relationship.
For that reason, you must sit in the seat assigned to you on your ticket and will not be permitted to sit in the seat next to another patron, even if they are your friend or family.*

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