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Experience Local Tour Guides

Our region is full of the most remarkable stories that are set to amaze you. Be guided by a local guide and uncover the rich history, natural wonders, and interesting characters that shape Mount Gambier. Whether it’s our unique volcanic region or our pioneering history that interests you, our trained guides will captivate your imagination and deepen your experience.
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Meet Umpherston Possums at Night

First,  meet at the entrance to the Umpherston Sinkhole, near the limestone sculpture. You will be lent a small torch, given a glowing bracelet and a small pouch of fruit and vegetables. Begin by walking towards the sinkhole, around the park, whilst looking for possums as we go. As we walk around Umpherston Sinkhole, you will be guided through a historical journey of discovery, creation and wonder.

The journey continues down into the cenote where amongst the gardens we will find an abundance of possums. Be introduced to some friendly possums with plenty of opportunities to take photos with them. Continue down into the grounds, you will be shown special locations where they hide and be introduced to the different possum personalities.

The tour should take approximately 1 hour and you will be left having a unique experience Mount Gambier is known for but with a special added extra.

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Forage on the Coast

Join me as we breathe the purest air as it flows in from the Southern Ocean . Slow down a bit, smell the sea breeze, feel the gentle sea air on your face. Hear the roar of the surf and the spirits of wild ocean. Feel the soft sand between your toes.

Learn local legends and stories as we explore the incredible coastline of Port Macdonnell, including the story of the magnificent Sunken Forest. Let me share with you some of the local Boandik language along the way. Come with me as I take you on a foraging journey where we will identify, touch and taste some of the finest bush foods along our coast. While we’re there we will take a look into nature’s chemist as well and discover coastal bush medicines that were used by the Boandik people many years ago.

You’ll never look at a humble plant in the same way again. Be inspired and discover natural artwork along the way, and regain your appreciation for mother nature.

Don’t forget to ask where the “rollie pollie” goes after the storm…

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Crater Lakes Walking Tour

Did you know the Blue Lake is just one of several volcanoes with their own stories to tell? Your easy paced walk starts off overlooking the lakes on the edge of the volcano walls of Australia’s youngest volcano region. With so much to tell, our guides will bring tales of our early pioneers to life.

You’ll also uncover the unique geology that allows for such diversity in our region. From farms to forests, the beginnings of Mount Gambier are uniquely Australian and full of characters that saw a vision of life on the land. With room to continue on a lap of the lake or take in one of the less travelled Crater Lakes trails, this is the perfect place to start exploring.

Umpherston Sinkhole Walking Tour

Beautiful pictures may have tempted you in, now let your guide bring the black & white images of the past to life in arguably Australia’s most unique garden. Once the private picnic area of James Umpherston, the meticulously landscaped slopes of the limestone walls have to be walked amongst to be appreciated.

Take in some storytelling folklore with our 100% local guides. Wind down the staircase to the base of the old cave four storeys below ground level.  There’s plenty of time for pictures and if you keep your eyes on the shadowed walls, you might even get to hand feed one of the resident possums.

Raise the Flag Experience at the Centenary Tower

Ever wanted to be an honorary caretaker and raise the flag yourself?

Bring the family and get private entry to the highest point in the South East. Only offered once per day when we’re open. Help raise the flag above Mount Gambier, signalling that the Centenary Tower balcony is open to visitors.