Do you remember building a Cubby?

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Do you remember building a Cubby?

In Australia building  a“Cubby” is a special part of our childhood. Romping around the bush, finding the perfect branch and greenery to make a cubby could take hours and once we had our materials they were only limited to our imaginations. Then once our forts, castles and hideaways were built the games could begin. Yes, we got grubby, often muddy and endured scratches but the fun was worth it all.

Here in Mount Gambier, the tradition lives on. Our beautiful land and abundant flora is the perfect for the art of cubby building. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, we have coats, and boots, cubby building is not a seasonal pastime. In Mount Gambier kids can still be kids all year round.

To celebrate this great art Mount Gambier now has the “Mount Gambier Cubby Day“. The first event in 2016 had almost 300 children have a fantastic day letting their imaginations and design skills go wild. This year the event will be held again at the Conservation Park in the Valley Lakes. It is fantastic location where you are watched on by kangaroos, resident geese, kookaburras and even koalas. You can’t get much more Aussie than that! It is great family day, where you can pack a picnic and have it with the kids in their cubby, or enjoy a coffee and a sausage from the vendor.

The Mount Gambier Cubby Day is annual event is held in October each year. Whether you are a local or visiting Mount Gambier, come and join us for some natural fun that all the family can enjoy.

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