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A Pretty Folly, an exhibition by Kate Rohde, sees the exhibition space transformed into an installation brimming with bold colour and life.   

Rohde will present a selection of her functional sculptural pieces which celebrate everything animal, vegetable and mineral in their creation. Setting the stage for her object based works the gallery walls will be adorned in several elaborate wallpaper designs. Cultivated from Rohde’s object based practice, these uniquely developed designs of luminescent zoological animal motifs, and botanical gardens of small resin gems and golden coloured icing filigree, work to create a kaleidoscopic immersive environment that elaborates on interior traditions.  

Rohde’s work subverts notions of value and preciousness while drawing parallels between traditional art and craft technologies through a commentary on contemporary digital design and the use of the most pervasive synthetic materials of the 20th Century.

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