Studies have shown that a single tree can produce enough oxygen to support two people for an entire year.

With thousands of hectares of renewable forests surrounding greater Mount Gambier, visitors can breathe easy; it’s clean, green living in this beautiful part of the world, and the sky is the limit!

The forests, national parks with Ramsar Wetlands of Mount Gambier and the Limestone Coast are a must to include in a visit to the region. The land is rich in nutrients and our farms and gardens flourish. To truly appreciate what is here, you need to allow time and take a slower pace. Exploring is encouraged and we will even show you our very rare Glow in the Dark Mushrooms.


A visit to Mount Gambier will not be complete without a trip to the coast.

The majestic Southern Ocean continues to be timeless with the pounding of waves, array of sea life and the magnificence of the cliffs.

South Australia’s only giant kelp forest is found off the Coorong within one of two South East marine parks. Giant kelp forests have national protection as endangered ecosystems and shelter a range of other marine life including fish, sea snails, sea urchins, seaweed and corals.

The endangered pygmy blue whale is also known to use this stretch of coastline as an important feeding ground, and scientists estimate that there may be as few as 1200 of these solitary mammals left in the world.

A number of boat charter companies offer exclusive marine wildlife tours, with the edge of the continental shelf off south-eastern SA considered one of the best places to spot whales, dolphins, seals and seabirds.


Spoilt for Choice.

With 20 National Parks within an hours drive of Mount Gambier whether a local or a visitor – you are spoilt for choice! The most amazing experiences await you whatever you are into – camping, trekking, 4WD and….

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  • Clean Green Environment – Sunrise Windmill OB Flat

From the air, the patchwork of plantations blankets the earth in every shade of green, with pine saplings planted in rotations to ensure a steady supply of this renewable resource.

Unique pockets of native forest hidden within the commercial forest are widely recognised for their biodiversity, and are regularly explored by nature enthusiasts on the surface and cave divers beneath.

  • Ghost-Mushroom-Lane
  • Bioluminiscent-ghost-mushrooms-in-mount-gambier

Ghost Mushrooms – a discovery by our local self-titled “Mount Gambier Enthusiast” and award winning photographer, Ockert Le Roux.

Head deep into the pine forests near Glencoe during the cooler months to look for the luminous Omphalotus nidiformis “Ghost Mushroom” that gives off an eye-startling fluorescent green glow after dark. 

This attraction opened in 2016 with unexpected results. Over 15,000 visitors.

Wetlands, Wildlife & Birds


Oceans. Volcanic mountains. Cenotes & caves. Forests & wildlife like nothing you would see anywhere in the world. You’ve gotta see this place!

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