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Mount Gambier is a place where you will find unforgettable experiences and create unique memories. Around every corner there is a tale to be told, from shipwrecks to saints, the antics of those who lived in this area with fortitude and humour. The same spirit remains in this vibrant community that welcomes visitors as friends. 

Explore Something Different

Wander at your own pace, breathe. There is so much to take in.  The landscape is vibrant with pine and natives forests and ancient underground marvels. The green pastures and rich farm land produce world famous Wagyu beef and are home to award winning wineries. Enjoy parklands and flourishing gardens, where roses thrive. All this is edged by the spectacular South Coast. 

Mount Gambier is at the heart of a natural wonderland,
where your journey will captivate at every turn.

It started so long ago, the land is ancient and the relics of the past are uncovered, displaying the evidence of pre-historic animals remains. The land holds many secrets and we invite you to come and explore.


When it comes to our advice we’re proud to say we’re different. We offer something a little more special.

Visit at anytime and revel in
the changing seasons of Mount Gambier.

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Spring announces the commencement of next crayfishing season. In late September, the season starts with the traditional Blessing of the Fleet at Port MacDonnell. Generations of South Australian fisherman head to sea to harvest crayfish.

As summer arrives you can witness the breath-taking change of the Blue Lake/Warwar from the winter grey to the vibrant cobalt blue. Summer is full of activities of every kind from festivals and events to camping and fishing. The vibrancy of the Blue Lake/Warwar is reflected in the way of life of those in Mount Gambier. A visit in summer will always be memorable.

There is simply no show as beautiful as autumn. As the temperatures cool the stunning show of colour across Mount Gambier and prepares us for winter. No matter where you drive in Autumn you will find yourself enraptured in the absolute glorious display. A must on any visit is the drive through the Crater Lakes area and viewing the elm trees Marist Park. The grape harvesting begins in autumn and the many wineries are a hive of activity. This is also the time of the “Ghost Mushroom”, the extraordinary Luminous Mushroom only found in special places in South Australia. Visit us in Autumn and we will show you where.

The magical mists of Mount Gambier visit the region through winter. This time of year is a photographers delight. Capture exquisite images from the Blue Lake/Warwar to sun rises over the sea or paddocks that seem to disappear. Winter delivers clear crisp days for sight seeing and then enjoy the warm welcoming restaurants and bars, with open fire places to welcome you at the end of the day.


From adventurous diving, to awe-inspiring beaches, our collection of destinations is irresistible.


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