If you’ve never heard of Disc Golf, you’re simply missing out! But don’t worry, here is your introduction.

What is Disc Golf?

Disc Golf is a unique sport though shares similarities with regular golf. Instead of a club, tee, and ball, discs and baskets are used. Instead of swinging a golf club, you send the disc flying towards the baskets.

Disc Golf differs from regular golf in that the terrain can provide a wide variety of play. The Disc Golf course in Mount Gambier is located in the Crater Lakes area, with much of the ground that the course covers not accessible for other activities Disc Golf provides a great use for the space as a whole, but also the smaller nooks that might not get as much love.

Why play Disc Golf?

Most sports cost a hefty penny to start. The great news about Disc Golf is that you don’t have to pay to play! You can hire out a set of discs from the Mount Gambier Visitor Centre or the Mount Gambier Public Library. Better yet if you do wish to purchase your own, they’re only $20 per disc (you only need one for basic play!).

Disc Golf is a fun sport – you can choose to join a league and get competitive, or play a game yourself. No matter how you like to play there is always fun to be had. It’s a game for all ages and is easy to start – with one disc you can play the course, and if you’ve thrown a frisbee you’ll get the hang of it quickly.

The Mount Gambier Disc Golf Park’s location is one of the coolest spots around – in the middle of a volcano crater! You can experience the lush greenery in a whole new way while playing in arguably the best Disc Golf course in Australia. There’s no set season either; rain, sun, wind – no matter what the weather or time of year you can always play.

How to play.

As said before; if you’ve thrown a frisbee before, you can throw a disc! First, you’ll start at the ‘tee’ platform and launch your disc through the air. Just like regular golf, wherever your disc lands you’ll take your next turn until you get it in a basket! The person with the least amount of throws by the end is the winner.

Just like regular golf clubs, discs have different weights for different uses. In layman’s terms, lighter discs (i.e. a putter disc) take less effort to throw and heavier discs (i.e. a driver disc) take more effort to throw. A driver has more accuracy due to it’s weight and is better for long distances, but a putter is easier to throw and is better for close ranged throws. A mid-range disc is for when you need a little bit of both.

For more information by the professionals, check out the Mount Gambier Disc Golf website here!

You’re all set!

Now that you have reached the end of this blog, it’s time to grab a set of discs and head out to experience the most unique sport taking Mount Gambier by storm!