Yes, it’s that time of year already! Spring Show has come to Mount Gambier.

Grab a bag of jam donuts and a bucket of fairy floss and hit the sideshow alleys! The Mount Gambier Spring Show is the best way to spend your weekend this 21st and 22nd of October.

The gates will be opening at 10:00am this Friday, and with the MOST rides and sideshow activities in 40 years it’s hard not to be giddy with excitement!

So what can you expect to get up to?

Treehouse Adventure Centre

First thing’s first: rides.

For all those thrill-seekers out there, there will be plenty of adrenaline-pumping rides at the show this year. Returning favourites include the Cyclone, the Ali-Baba, the Sizzler, and last but not lease; The Kamikaze. These are just some of the favourites, there’s plenty more to see this year!

Of course we can’t forget sideshow alley – jump in for a round of bumper cars, try your luck winning a toy, or your aim with dart balloons! If you’re not the luckiest with winning prizes you can always buy a showbag instead.

The petting zoo!

For those who prefer the quieter activities the petting zoo is the perfect place to visit. From adorable baby chicks to fluffy merino sheep and lambs you’ll love. Keep an eye out for the dogs, too! There will be sheep dog trials to watch, along with horses in action. Grab some popcorn and see the best of the best in their fields.

Other things to do:

Highland Dancing.

Watch some of the best dancers in the Limestone Coast compete at the show, with their colourful kilts and sashes you won’t want to miss seeing them dance. They will be dancing from 12:30pm so reserve a seat!

Arts & Crafts.

The art & crafts sections are perfect to let the kids run free – create anything your mind can think of in the Bunnings Craft Activity area next to the show hall. You can even win a prize pack by entering into the colouring competition! Download the print out here or grab one at the activity area.

Mount Gambier Show

Vintage Engines.

If you’re a fan of vintage engines and tractors have a look at the HUGE displays at the show this year! You can wander through for free and have a chat to the experts.

Log chop displays.

It wouldn’t be a show without the log chop displays! With incredible skill these folk compete to be the quickest to chop through huge upright logs of wood – sometimes even sticking planks into them to scale them! The best way to enjoy lunch at the show is to grab a spiral chip or jam donuts (why not both?) and watch the professionals at work.

And last but not least…

The fireworks!

The quintessential  Show experience can never be complete without watching the fireworks at the end. Each year they get bigger and better; and if you’d like local advice, line up for the Ferris wheel! If you time it right you’ll have the best view in town to see the fireworks – sometimes the operator will stop the wheel so you can have that magic moment when the fireworks go off.

And with that, you’re ready for the show! Go out there and have some fun! 🎆