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It’s double the giggles and double the grins, and double the trouble if you’re blessed with twins!

Birthdays are special. They are seen as one of the most anticipated and celebrated days of the year for children and adults alike. But do your little ones count down the days to their celebration or dread the thought of being in the spotlight?

Especially on Birthdays follows a pair of 5 year old twins in the lead up to their sixth birthday. While they share a lot of things, their opinion of birthdays is not one of them. One twin can’t wait for their big day while the other despairs at the thought of it. Living in the shadow of his twin sister is a comfortable place for Tim to be, so when circumstances threaten to place him in the limelight, he wants out!

Created by one of the country’s leading children’s theatre producers, Dave Brown (former Artistic Director of Patch Theatre Company) in association with The Paper Boats Project, this intimate visual-theatre experience for 3-8 year olds recreates the ups, downs and roundabouts and fun of birthdays.

Performed in an intimate setting with the audience facing each other across the performance space, the show invites participation from children, evoking an inclusive party environment. A number of children are invited to participate in parts of the show itself and the atmosphere onstage ensures they feel special and included, whilst recreating all the excitement of the most anticipated day of the year.


TUESDAY 28th Feb 10:00 am

TUESDAY 28th Feb 12:00 pm

WEDNESDAY 1st March 10:00 am

WEDNESDAY 1st March 12:00 pm

THURSDAY 2nd March 10:00 am

THURSDAY 2nd March 1:00 pm

FRIDAY 3rd March 12:00 pm

FRIDAY 4th March 1:30 pm


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