13 06, 2023

Celtic Illusion – The Magic Returns

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Immerse yourself in the Irish Dance and Grand Illusion sensation that has taken Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Canada, and the USA by storm, on its nationwide tour for 2023. Celtic Illusion – The Magic Returns to a stage near you! Even fans who have seen our previous shows won’t dare miss the 2023 tour that is set to raise the bar once again. This exhilarating production has broken barriers by fusing unparalleled art forms [...]

25 03, 2023

Men Who Dance

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Showcasing Charlie, Kurt, Ricky, Willian, Dhuruva, and Julian, 6 male dancers who are physical, masculine, and energetic. They’ll get your heart pumping with the amazing variety of dance styles, from hip hop, to classical, tap, acrobatics, contemporary, and much more. Follow the men as they also head through construction sites, Bollywood, and under the sea. They tap, sing, leap, flip, and even meet an alien. The show strikes the perfect balance between edge-of-your-seat dare-devil action, [...]

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