18 06, 2023

Introduction to Sourdough

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If you’ve ever watched or looked up anything to do with Sourdough, you might be forgiven for thinking it’s easier to care for a new born baby! For those that know, I’m a bit of a rebel in the kitchen and over the years I’ve found ways to making Sourdough a breeze. I’m always learning what I can and can’t do with recipes until we get the essential things that are easy, to make a [...]

17 06, 2023

Brilliant Brunch Workshop

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We here at The Post and Rail adore brunch. This class celebrates the meal of the day that breaks the fast…… the sort of food that makes your day start with a lot of love and flavor! We're excited to cook and share these recipes with you (and eat of course!) so that you can then cook and share this utterly delicious food with your family and friends. Saturday 17th June - 10am to 2pm [...]

9 06, 2023

Decadent Desserts

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There is nothing like having a few show-stopping desserts under your belt, and in this class, we’ve got 4 amazing dishes that everyone will love. This class is perfect for food lovers - or for those who are happy to skip the meal and just go straight for dessert! Friday 9th June - 10am to 2pm (SA Time) - $165 per person.

3 06, 2023

Winter French Farmhouse Feast

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French cuisine is full of so many extraordinary dishes, and we’ve pulled the best of the classics together into one class that you’re going to love. In this 4-hour class, we’re going to make 5 dishes that are the epitome of French cooking and full of extraordinary flavour. Your family and friends are going to love them! Saturday 3rd June - 10am to 2pm (SA Time) - $165 per person.

27 05, 2023

Bogan Bingo

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We hope you're ready for a night like no other... Get ready Mt Gambier, Bogan Bingo is coming to the Western Tavern! Bogan Bingo is half bingo... half PARTY!!! DJ playing 80's and 90's music whilst the bingo caller runs the night. Round up the crew, your guaranteed a hilarious night! Come in your best bogan fit, and go into the running to win the crown of biggest bogan! Make sure you practice your air guitar and runway [...]

27 05, 2023

Beer and BBQ Fest – Untapped

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Wanna share a stage with the headline acts at the 2023 Beer & BBQ Festival?! With support from the State Government's Music Development Office, Beer & BBQ Festival is loading the van and coming to a region near you to find the best UNTAPPED talent outside of metropolitan Adelaide. A band, a solo artist, electronic, hip hop, soul? Whatever your style we want to hear it. Submit your interest (links, recordings, inspiration, whatever you have) [...]

21 05, 2023

Comfort Food in a Flash – Mastering the Art of the Pressure Cooker

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If you love comfort food but don’t have the time to spend hours in the kitchen, then you’re going to love this class! I’ll show you how to use the time-saving Pressure Cooker to create a variety of delectable dishes that you can have on the table in 30 minutes. Comfort food will no longer be confined to the weekends, bring on the mid-week luxury! The modern Pressure Cooker is nothing like the time-bombs they [...]

16 05, 2023

Deluxe Winter Pies and Puds

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The Post and Rail is a Cooking, Gardening & Art School located at 7 Bill James Court Compton, on a picturesque 5-acre property. Classes are held in a home kitchen designed to provide a relaxed and sociable learning experience.  We pride ourselves on our professionalism, warmth, spirit of fun and love of cooking, especially the eating of delicious food with friends, old and new, after each class. Every guest in our kitchen receives a warm [...]

13 05, 2023

Mums Night Off – At the Apple Farm

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Inviting all Mum's, Mum's to be, Mum's of Mum's, Wanna be Mum's, friends of Mum's! To our first 'Mum's Night Off'. Starting at 4pm you can have the whole bed time/dinner time routine off! We'll get you a bus into town at 11pm so you can be home before you turn into a pumpkin- or continue to dance the night away at an after party. $89 tickets- includes- Canapes & Pizza - entertainment from Jani [...]

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