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23 11, 2018

Caroline Hills Open Garden

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Caroline Hills is a large rambling country 3 acre garden divided into several areas by walls, plants or other structures. There is a focus on form, texture and perfume. Shady trees frame beautiful vistas and from the extensive cool green lawns, paths wind through borders filled with violets, liliums, poppies, wisteria, echiums and other assorted perennials and bulbs. Box hedging adds formality to the plantings and a selection of shrubs, along with deciduous and native [...]

18 01, 2018

COLLISIONS – Virtual Reality Exhibition

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Collisions, directed by artist/filmmaker Lynette Wallworth, is a virtual reality journey to the homeland of indigenous elder Nyarri Morgan and the Martu tribe in the remote Western Australian Pilbara desert. Nyarri offers us a view of his first contact with western culture during the dramatic collision between his traditional world view and his witnessing firsthand and with no context, an atomic test. Only 6 positions available each session for this Emmy award winning Virtual Reality [...]

15 08, 2017

It’s Winter, Hot Chocolate Rules!

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We all know the comfort a hot chocolate can bring. There is so much hype about the coffee that the humble hot chocolate has been cast aside. Not in Mount Gambier! We are proud of the hot chocolate experiences we have on offer. We also understand the experience is enhanced when accompanied by a sweet nibble. The pairing options on offer across Mount Gambier are unlimited. Not for us the mass produced cakes and slices, [...]