19 11, 2023

Leonie Feast-Jones ‘Awaken the Magic Within; Secrets to living a happy and fulfilled life’

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Live author event - with one of the 10 visionary authors, Leonie Feast-Jones. Each author brings a unique perspective and set of experiences to the table, making this book a rich tapestry of ideas and insights from personal development to business strategy, spirituality to science. Leonie is a pioneer in the field of energy healing with international exposure. She has been transforming the lives of individuals and reinvigorating organisations for over 30 years. Books are [...]

24 05, 2023

AUTHOR EVENT- Fiona Lowe “The Money Club”

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Join the Mount Gambier Library for their Author Event: Fiona Lowe - The Money Club A gripping exploration of modern greed as bestselling Australian author Fiona Lowe unpicks the moral quagmire of those who trade on the bonds of their closest friendships and family for money ... Izzy Harrington's fiancé is a successful entrepreneur and everyone's friend, but today she is waiting for him to come home so she can tell him they're over. Except [...]

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