31 03, 2023

Once Upon a Time In Italy

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FRINGE EVENT: Once Upon A Time In Italy is a narrative concert that takes the audience through the golden age of Italian cinema from the 50s to the 70s. Rare and renowned music themes from Italian movies are performed live on stage against a backdrop of images and footage, and interwoven with the stories behind those films, soundtracks and composers. An immersive experience for cinephiles and music lovers of any age.

25 03, 2023

Men Who Dance

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Showcasing Charlie, Kurt, Ricky, Willian, Dhuruva, and Julian, 6 male dancers who are physical, masculine, and energetic. They’ll get your heart pumping with the amazing variety of dance styles, from hip hop, to classical, tap, acrobatics, contemporary, and much more. Follow the men as they also head through construction sites, Bollywood, and under the sea. They tap, sing, leap, flip, and even meet an alien. The show strikes the perfect balance between edge-of-your-seat dare-devil action, [...]

25 02, 2023

The Awe and Wonder of the Ordinary

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Mixed Media artist, Jane McCumstie's evocative multi-sensory exhibition, Awe and Wonder of the Ordinary, will be running at Little Blue Wren Gallery from 25th February until 8th April. ‘Awe and Wonder of the Ordinary’ will be a multi-sensory event, including soundscapes, written word and aromas to accompany more than thirty pieces of mixed media art arousing sensory moments of awareness with poetic emotion.

12 03, 2019

Must See Shows & Events at Fringe Mount Gambier

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Be Brave, Be Bold, Be Daring! ‘Fringe Mount Gambier’ is a cultural exploration that embraces acceptance and diversity. It gives agency to artists to be bold and present edgy, quirky art that is fun, entertaining and reflective of who we are as a community. Mount Gambier is painting the town blue with Fringe Mount Gambier. Bringing together a dynamic showcase of art and performances spread across a number of venues around the region. Watch [...]

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