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24 12, 2017

Meet our Industry – Blue Fin Holiday Homes

By |2017-12-24T12:40:39+09:30December 24th, 2017|Members|0 Comments

Meet our Industry …. Blue Fin Holiday Homes - Port MacDonnell Beachside Houses What business are you in? Giving people a great holiday experience! We have always loved Port MacDonnell – the friendly community, the fishing village feel and the fact it was only 20 minutes from Mount Gambier. We enjoyed spending time there so much that we built a holiday home and that was how it all started 7 years ago. We now have 3 [...]

22 12, 2017

Echo Farm, an eclectic mix now open

By |2017-12-22T13:41:02+09:30December 22nd, 2017|Family, Members|0 Comments

Echo Farm, offering families and visitors a chance to interact with animals while engaging in some local history, will re-open under new management on Boxing Day.   The 17 acre pioneer farm featuring farm and native animals and an assortment of vintage and antique items is the perfect place to spend some precious time with your favourite little people or bring Nana to reminisce.  Visitors can stroll the Echo Farm walking trail and enjoy the company of a multitude of animals [...]

13 12, 2017

New Help Desk for Tourism Industry

By |2017-12-13T07:20:38+09:30December 13th, 2017|Members|0 Comments

Sometime all the new information coming through can just be too much! In Mount Gambier we are working to ensure our operators have access to the support they need. The City of Mount Gambier  is working with Tourism Mount Gambier  to deliver events to encourage networking, training workshops to up-skill and now a newTourism Operators help desk at the Mount Gambier Visitor Centre (Lady Nelson). This is a new service for our industry to access help [...]

7 12, 2017

SA’s growing presence in the digital world

By |2017-12-07T11:42:49+09:30December 7th, 2017|Members|0 Comments

At Tourism Mount Gambier we are passionate about getting our region in front of the online audience, and making sure our tourism businesses are seen.  This email was received from Rod Harrex, CEO, South Australia Tourism Commission:  Having an online presence in the digital world is a critical part of the marketing mix to attract visitors to South Australia. All our digital channels have registered significant growth over the past year and the South Australian [...]

24 11, 2017

The Importance of SATC Campaigns

By |2017-11-24T12:27:43+09:30November 24th, 2017|Members|0 Comments

South Australia Tourism Commission is rolling out the promotions of the Drive Routes in South Australia. The Southern Ocean Drive is where Mount Gambier and the Limestone Coast is featured. You will see a few of these signs popping up on the route. The image featured is located on the rim of the Blue Lake.  Already there are posts appearing on social media of visitors on their tour and the locations they visit. This is [...]

20 11, 2017

China, does it really matter to Mount Gambier?

By |2017-11-20T12:46:09+09:30November 20th, 2017|Members|0 Comments

    Everyone is going on about  China, the size of the market and the potential for Australia. Does it really matter to us in Mount Gambier? If you are interested in growth and developing our economy then the answer is a resounding YES! This is why:   The China market is growing  2017 is the Year of For the first time China is positioned to overtake New Zealand as the largest visitor market for [...]

20 11, 2017

Getting Your Online Presence Right

By |2017-11-21T13:48:05+09:30November 20th, 2017|Members|0 Comments

Tourism Mount Gambier and City of Mount Gambier are committed to help the industry upskill and learn more about getting the most our of the online environment. Workshops and events about getting your online presence working for you are being made available to the Tourism industry. Most recently we hosted one-on-one meetings for businesses, and prior to that we had Scott Groves join us for an overview of trends and how to start future proofing [...]

15 11, 2017

Tourism Facebook Workshop coming to Mount Gambier

By |2017-11-15T16:03:09+09:30November 15th, 2017|Members|0 Comments

Tourism Mount Gambier wants to ensure our members become digital savvy and get the most from their online presence. Join us at this interactive event! Click the link  below to register. ServiceIQ Workshop - FACEBOOK ADVERTISING FOR TOURISM OPERATORS SATIC, with the support of the Government of South Australia, the South Australian Tourism Commission and the Commonwealth Tourism Demand Driver Infrastructure (TDDI) program, is running 40 workshops around the state in 2017/18. These workshops will be [...]

15 11, 2017

International Airport Conference, good news for SA

By |2017-11-15T11:55:02+09:30November 15th, 2017|Members|0 Comments

"MORE than 600 delegates will land in Adelaide next week for a major airport conference showcasing the latest international trends, technologies and innovations in the sector." This article provides a good insight into the work going on in the aviation world to ensure South Australia continues to attract visitors from international destinations and across sectors. The article provides excellent data and information on the  growth of our international markets, particularly China. The article also talks [...]

15 11, 2017

ATDW What is the fuss about, why does it matter?

By |2017-11-15T09:06:21+09:30November 15th, 2017|Members|0 Comments

It's simple, if you don't have an ADTW listing you can't been seen online, by us (,  South Australia Tourism Commission or Tourism Australia. The Australian Tourism Data Warehouse holds all the listings for Tourism businesses across Australia. It is owned by Tourism Australia and all of the STate Tourism bodies. The information on this platform is then drawn into other distributor sites. It is FREE in South Australia to place your info online.  No excuses, [...]

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