South Australia Tourism Commission is rolling out the promotions of the Drive Routes in South Australia.

The Southern Ocean Drive is where Mount Gambier and the Limestone Coast is featured. You will see a few of these signs popping up on the route. The image featured is located on the rim of the Blue Lake.  Already there are posts appearing on social media of visitors on their tour and the locations they visit. This is great for our region and we all know when they visit Mount Gambier and there is so much more to see and do!

These campaigns are important to us as we become visible to more potential visitors. As we promote through the site and our own social media channels we let visitors know there is so much more than the Blue Lake. ONE LOCATION, UNLIMITED EXPERIENCES  is telling that story.

As a destination we aim to influence the decision making process:

1/ Engage Early –  let people know about the region, how much is on offer – choose Mount Gambier!

2/Stay Longer – extend the stay. Plan the next trip.

3/Spend More – eat out, do tours, visit wineries.

4/Become Advocates – write blogs, share on social media – “you have to visit Mount Gambier, we had the best time!”