Chinese Tourism


Everyone is going on about  China, the size of the market and the potential for Australia.

Does it really matter to us in Mount Gambier?

If you are interested in growth and developing our economy then the answer is a resounding YES! This is why:


  • The China market is growing 

2017 is the Year of For the first time China is positioned to overtake New Zealand as the largest visitor market for Australia. Chinese visitors are the fastest growing, highest spending inbound market f

or South Australia, pumping $352 million a year in to the visitor economy. In the twelve months to June 2017, Chinese visitation increased 56 per cent to 56,000 visits – overtaking the United States of America as South Australia’s second largest market for inbound travel.

From a Tourism perspective Tourism Australia and South Australian Tourism Commission have been strongly marketing into China for a number of years.  The success we are seeing is a part of the South Australian Tourism Commission’s Activating China – 2020 strategy, launched in February 2013. The growth of air services from China  is a part of that strategy. This will continue to grow as the Chinese visitor is encouraged to venture further. Proving great opportunity for Mount Gambier and Limestone Coast.

  • Who are they – what are they looking for? 

China has undergone massive growth in income and travel is at the top of the list for those with disposable income.  The latest China profile by South Australia Tourism Commission is worth reading.  The visitor from China loves to tell the story, selfies and social media rule (WeChat is huge) and they love QR codes! Whether the experience is good or bad, they will share.

It doesn’t have to be complicated. There are simple things you can do that will help the visitor from China feel welcome.

  • “It’s not my market” – think again! 

Let’s not be complacent, the rest of the world are chasing this valuable market, and we will only win if we focus on making Mount Gambier a must visit destination.

The very cool thing to know, is you can get a a double impact from your engagement. This is because the Chinese visitor, is also a consumer and more importantly an influencer. Through delivering a great visitor experience, the Chinese visitor also becomes aware of the products on offer in our region. This can have a significant benefit for those with product, as experienced by Minijumbuck and Mayura Station. There is a a real opportunity to engage further and develop a market into China.

  • It is all too hard! Here are some easy tips to create positive visitor experiences

There are a number of simple ways you can make your business more attractive to a Chinese visitor. The Chinese market is different to ours, in many ways but if we take the time to understand their needs a little will go a long way.

  1. Consider a greeting or welcome sign at your premises, we all like to feel welcome.
  2. Make it easy for our Chinese guests to spend. Look into accepting the WeChat Pay and Alipay mobile payment systems, our credit cards such as Visa & Mastercard are not used by Chinese.
  3. List you business with UWAI* – this app is helping the Chinese visitor with translations about places to visit, where to stay, what to eat. You get it, all things tourism!
  4. Free Wi-Fi – our visitors love to stay connected and share stories.

At Tourism Mount Gambier, we will work with you to become China ready.

If you would like to discuss this important, drop us a line at [email protected] to arrange to time for a chat.

UWAI*is being supported by SATC and if you would like to get on board, pop in to the Tourism Operators Help Desk at the Visitor Information Centre and we will help you get connected.

A China workshop will be held in early 2018, more information will be sent once details are confirmed.