Escape to the unexpected world of sunken gardens, crystal clear waters and ancient underground marvels in this intriguing location.

Wander at your own pace, breathe. There is so much to take in.

Perfectly placed halfway between Adelaide and Melbourne, Mount Gambier is an easy 4 ½ hours drive from both capital cities. Located in the heart of the Limestone Coast, this regional city is fast gaining a permanent place on Australia’s must-see list.

Long known for the Blue Lake/Warwar, which turns a stunning vibrant blue in the summer, this region is worth a closer look. Some of Mount Gambier’s most unforgettable visitor experiences are hidden from sight.

Uniquely placed on the slopes of dormant volcanoes, Mount Gambier has a subterranean network of limestone channels located right beneath the streets of the city. It’s located at the heart of a region of caves, cenotes and with endemic flora and fauna that has long remained a secret and waiting for you to explore. The caverns and crevices keep secrets of long extinct megafauna and a closer look at the rocks will reveal evidence of the inland sea with imbedded fossils, shells and bones.

The city is an unexpected diver’s paradise; explore beneath the surface or to take it in from above. From flawless photo opportunities at Umpherston Sinkhole/Balumbul to snorkeling the pristine water of Kilsby Sinkhole, there are plenty of ways to experience these fascinating formations.

Umpherston Sinkhole Mount Gambier
Engelbrecht Cave Mount Gambier

Walking is the simplest, yet most memorable way to experience a place. The ever-growing network of walking tracks and mountain bike trails that wind through the rugged terrain of the Crater Lakes Precinct provide remarkable views overlooking the surrounding landscapes and out to the coast. If it is history and culture you’re after, walking trails in the city guide you through the city’s heritage, local street art and along the repurposed Railway Lands.

Arts, culture and history comes alive in the city, with the ever-evolving Riddoch Arts and Cultural Centre in the heart of it. The centre emerges from the historic dolomite building, connecting Mount Gambier’s history with interactive displays that appeal to locals and visitors of all interests.

Surrounded by vibrant farmland, some of the finest fresh produce is right at Mount Gambier’s doorstep. The list of fresh Limestone Coast ingredients is limited only by the seasons, but the passion that goes into producing local harvest is guaranteed year-round. The city is filled with places to indulge your culinary senses, with talented chefs creating exceptional dishes at local restaurants, cafes and chic bars.

No matter what adventure you’re seeking, this region is set to take your breath away. Plan to take your time and enjoy every moment. Once you start to uncover this region, you won’t be able to stop!

The Railway Lands Mount Gambier
Riddoch Art Gallery Mount Gambier