Mount Gambier is perfectly located at the heart of a geological wonderland. Surrounded by caves, sinkholes (cenotes), ponds and volcanoes, there’s plenty of day trip adventures to be had! Only a 15 minute drive from the Victorian border, spend the day exploring what can be found on the other side.

Slip away for a day of wildlife and natural beauty.

Take your first stop at Penambol Conservation Park. You’ll want to have your camera on hand for this stop. Follow the trail through a flutter of butterflies on the Butterfly Walk before your jaw drops at Caroline Sinkhole. Take a moment to enjoy this breathtaking view from the overlooking platform. Just five minutes down the road is Hell’s Hole, another geological wonder that will have you in awe. Although crystal clear, this water-filled cenote got its name from its deep, dark coloured appearance. Don’t be surprised if you see cave divers emerging to the surface.

Caroline Sinkhole, Mount Gambier
Hells Hole, Mount Gambier

Get your first taste of the river.

Before heading over the border into Victoria, get your first taste of the Lower Glenelg River National Park in Donovans. This laidback river side town is a great place to stop and refuel. Enjoy a prepacked picnic by the river and if you have your fishing rods on hand, you might even have a go at catching your lunch… maybe pack a back up plan just in case though.

Glenelg River, South Australia
Donovans, Glenelg River

Looking to head somewhere more ‘indoors’?

After spending the morning outdoors, venture just over the border to Princess Margaret Rose Cave. Explore the cave with one of the cave guides and enjoy the natural formations that decorate the cave.

Grab your snorkel, fins and a wetsuit… it’s time for a little adventure at Piccaninnie Ponds. Explore the underwater gardens of these ponds as you snorkel through the pure fresh water. After your snorkel, linger a little longer at Piccaninnie Ponds before heading back to Mount Gambier. Follow the walking trails to the beach and keep an eye out for the variety of bird life along the way.

Princess Margaret Rose Cave
Piccaninnie Ponds, Mount Gambier

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