There’s nothing better than a quick dip to start your morning.

Only 15 minutes from Mount Gambier, the Little Blue Lake awaits you. The best bit is that this fresh water sinkhole won’t leave you feeling salty for the rest of the day, but feeling refreshed and ready to tackle your next stop, Mount Schank. Once an active volcano, the geological monument is now a state heritage area. With walking trails up to the top, around the rim and down into the crater, there’s a distance for all time frames. Take a moment to take in the view of the ocean and surrounding land.

Looking for the ultimate cenote experience?

Leave the Little Blue Lake and Mount Schank for the next day and take the plunge at Kilsby Sinkhole. Whether you have snorkeled before or it’s your first time, they will make you feel at ease. Keep an eye out for the above the water tours for those who are interested in the history and geology of the cenote.

Rather take a step back in time?

Just down the road is the historic Dingley Dell Conservation Park, former home of poet Adam Lindsay Gordon. Explore the surrounding cottage grounds and bushland walks that inspired Gordon’s work.

Feeling hungry yet?

Make your way into the coastal town of Port MacDonnell and enjoy some fresh seafood. Craving some good old fashioned fish and chips, or fresh crayfish from Periwinkles Cafe? Either way you won’t be disappointed by the local eateries.

While in Port MacDonnell, visit the Maritime Museum to uncover the shipwrecks that have occurred off the regions southern coast. Then take the scenic drive to see where some of these shipwrecks occurred and appreciate the magnificent coastline. Along the drive, stop into Germein Reserve and follow the trails through the diverse natural environment.

Haven’t had enough?

If you haven’t tried enough of the region’s epic snorkeling spots, then Ewens Ponds Conservation Park awaits. The crystal clear water will have you mesmerised by the bright underwater ecosystem below. End your day at the Bellum Hotel with a true taste of country pub meals. While you’re there, enjoy a glass of locally made Sinkhole Gin.