Echo Farm isn’t just for girls who love cute little animals or toddlers who like to sit on a tractor!

The boys who visit love the open space. They can let off steam and run around the paddocks, enjoy the bigger (not so ‘fluffy’) animals and they revel in the idea that they can come back to the trough and grab arms-full of the oak leaf branches that are provided for free to feed the animals.

It’s a full time job keeping the trough full of cut twigs, but it is also a great way of making sure all guests are kept amused as they have plenty to feed the animal It also keeps little fingers safe and means families don’t have to shell out more money once they pay their entrance fee – unless they want to of course!

Located only 5 minutes from the Mount Gambier CBD, there is heaps of room and natural fresh air at the farm. You can book the arrival time for your self-guided at online to ensure you don’t miss out.

Echo Farm Mount Gambier is open 10am to 3pm on weekends, public holidays as well as Monday and  Friday during school holidays.

Oh and there is still lots to keep the girls happy too!

Echo Farm Mount Gambier
Echo Farm Mount Gambier
Echo Farm