Right in the heart of Mount Gambier there are a number of walks that allow you to stretch your legs, explore nature, and experience the most breath-taking views. Mount Gambier is surrounded by so many magnificant walks, here are top five that we think everyone should experience while in Mount Gambier!


1. Blue Lake Circuit

If the Blue Lake Circuit walk isn’t on your bucket list, it should be! You can start the walk at any location around the Blue Lake, but we recommend starting at the Pioneer Memorial. Make your way around the rim and don’t forget to take the time to stop and enjoy the views of the Lake. The Centenary Tower, the Pumping Station and Mount Schank can be viewed from the Rotary Lookout.

Length: 3.6 km / Duration: Allow 1 hour / Difficulty: Easy


2. Crater Lakes Trail (Mountain Trail)

Here’s another one for your bucket list. Begin this walk at Mark’s Lookout, Lions Lookout, or Rotary Clubs Lookout (Potters Point Lookout). Follow the track in an anti-clockwise direction. The walk provides magnificent views over this very unique landscape. This walk is not pathed and does involve stairs, inclines, and uneven grounds.

Length: 4.2 km / Duration: Allow 2 hours / Difficulty: Moderate


3. Leg of Mutton Lake Walk

Start this walk at the carpark near the Adam Lindsay Gordan Lookout. Make your way down the access road and follow the loop track around the now dry lake bed. Take your time to enjoy the deep lush green surroundings. Take your camera and capture the natural beauty of the region.

Length: 1.6 km / Duration: Allow 1 hour / Difficulty: Moderate


4. Rook Walk/Pepperpot Trail

If you’re after a shorter walk, the Rook walk/Pepperpot Trail provides breath-taking views over the Valley Lake and Blue Lake over a shorter distance. The walk begins at the same location as the Leg of Mutton walk. Follow the trail up to the stone “rest house” then continue up the stairs, making your way to Hoo Hoo Lookout. Follow the markers for this trail and enjoy the views at each lookout.

Length: 1.7 km / Duration: 1 hour / Difficulty: Moderate


5. Valley Lake Conservation Park

If you’re into wildlife, this is the walk you! Once you enter the Conservation Park, you can follow the tracks to explore the park and the native flora and fauna. Birdlife can be seen from the raised boardwalk and bird hides, providing a closer look at the bushland canopy and views over the park. Keep an eye out for other animals, including Koalas, Kangaroos, and Echidnas. Don’t forget your camera on this walk! Dogs are not allowed in the Conservation Park.

Length: 1.2 km / Duration: Allow 45 minutes / Difficulty: Easy


For a map of all the walks, click here.