We all know that while we are away our ‘holidays’ can be quite hectic and sometimes we just need the time to relax and ‘take it all in’. Whilst visiting Mount Gambier, take the time to drive a little South of the city to explore the beautiful ‘Little Blue Lake’. Most people would be aware of Mount Gambier’s iconic ‘Blue Lake’ but few would know about the Little Blue Lake, it has been a local secret for years.

Just a short drive, 14 kilometres South of Mount Gambier on the Port MacDonnell Road, is where you will find it  Little Blue Lake, one of the many water-filled sinkholes in the area, providing a window into the underground water system.  What a fantastic little place to visit! The sinkhole is enjoyed by divers, snorkelers and the general public. In summer it can be a hive activity as locals and visitors alike use the cool water (or should I say ‘freezing cold’ water) to cool off in the warmer months.


A small staircase leads the way to the water edge where a pontoon awaits for you to just sit and relax or to dive right in! As I said, it’s not for those that are accustomed to the warmer temperatures as the water sits at a constant 12 degrees all year round but if you enjoy a refreshing dip you’ll love it!

If you are looking for time out, and a peaceful time head to the sinkhole reasonably early in the morning you will be rewarded by the most serine and rejuvenating experiences to be found in the area. During the cooler months you can be assured of alone time.

Don’t forget to take your camera! The reflections first thing in the morning are something to behold. Just the place to get your ‘Zen’ on and take in the beauty, relax and enjoy!




Author & Photos: Julie Eustace, local lover of “Zen” places.