Mount Gambier is packed with dog-friendly walking tracks, parks, and attractions for everyone and their four-legged friends to enjoy.

 There are plenty of options when it comes to popping your pooch on a leash, soaking up some vitamin D and enjoying a leisurely walk around some of Mount Gambier’s most picturesque scenery.

We also understand that every pooch needs a place to stay, a check-up and a little bit of pampering now and then, so we have you covered there as well.

Sights and Attractions

Blue Lake/Warwar
John Watson Drive

Enjoy one of Mount Gambier’s most renowned attractions with your four-legged friend. Dogs are allowed to join you on the 3.6km walk around the Blue Lake/Warwar. Just make sure they remain on a leash at all times. Dog tidy bag stations are located around the lake.

Centenary Tower Mount Gambier

Centenary Tower
Elliot Drive

It may be short and steep, but the walk up to the Centenary Tower is well worth the view. You can take your dog up to the tower and if you’re looking for a little extra you can also continue on the Crater Lakes Trail that will take you right around the rim of the Valley Lakes. Dogs must be on a leash.

Valley Lake Dog

Valley Lake/Ketla Malpi and Brownes Lake/Kroweratwari
Davison Drive

The Valley Lake/Ketla Malpi Recreation Area is a haven for family fun, including your pets. With large open green spaces, picnic facilities and a large playground there’s plenty of room for you and your dog to explore. Just remember that this is a shared space and dogs must be on a leash. Dogs are not allowed in the Valley Lake/Ketla Malpi Conservation Park due to the presence of native wildlife.

Leg of Mutton Mount Gambier

Leg of Mutton Lake/Yatton Loo
Bay Road

This is a bit of a local favourite here in Mount Gambier. Walk down into the Leg of Mutton Lake/Yatton Loo and it will feel like you have stepped into a natural oasis, especially in the winter and autumn months. It won’t feel like you’re in the centre of town. Just remember dogs must be on a leash.

Cave Gardens Mount Gambier

Cave Garden/Thugi
1 Bay Road

Right in the heart of Mount Gambier you will find the Cave Garden/Thugi. The sinkhole is surrounded by beautiful gardens, with the roses being a key feature. In the evening watch the evening light show that projects within the sinkhole. Enjoy the park with your pets, just make sure they are on a leash.


Umpherston Sinkhole/Balumbul
Jubilee Highway East

You can’t come to Mount Gambier and not visit Umpherston Sinkhole/Balumbul. This enchanting sunken garden is surrounded by parkland with log benches and picnic facilities. Dogs are allowed on a leash at the park surrounding the sinkhole but must not enter down into the sinkhole as it is home to a variety of native animals.

Pet Friendly Mount Gambier

Blue Lake Sports Park
100 Jubilee Highway East

With soccer, football, hockey, softball, cricket, baseball and other sporting facilities, the Blue Lake Sports Park is a versatile park for all ages and interests. It is one of few off the leash dog parks in Mount Gambier. As this is a shared space, please be mindful of cleaning up after your dog.

Mount Schank South Australia

Mount Schank
Mountain Path Road, Mount Schank 

Just a 15 minute drive from Mount Gambier,  the 2km walk around the volcano crater’s rim provides sensational views of the region. Dogs can join you on this adventure as long as they are on a leash. The walk to the top is quite steep, but definitely worth it!

Port MacDonnell Beach South Australia

Port MacDonnell Beach
Sea Parade, Port MacDonnell 

Port MacDonnell is Mount Gambier’s closest beach town and is also the crayfish capital of Australia. Enjoy a stroll along the beach and take in the pure fresh air. Although it may be tempting to take them off the leash, your dogs must be on a leash and cannot go within 800m of the jetty.

Bucks Bay Carpenter Rocks

Bucks Bay
Carpenter Rocks Road, Carpenter Rocks 

Enjoy some of our pure Southern Ocean air at Bucks Bay. 30 minutes from Mount Gambier, Carpenter Rocks is a little more secluded than Port MacDonnell. When visiting Bucks Bay your dog must always be on a leash.

Pet Day Care and/or Overnight Stays

Grooming Facilities

Cutie Paws Dog Grooming
Home-based business
0428 251 148
Facebook Page

Groomed 2 Pawfection / D4 Dog Grooming
14 Eleanor St, Mount Gambier
0422 802 871
Facebook Page

117 Commercial St W, Mount Gambier
08 8725 6610

Veterinary Clinics

Blue Lake Veterinary Clinic
26 Ferrers St, Mount Gambier
08 8723 9111

Gambier Vets
50 Sturt St, Mount Gambier
08 8725 8333

South East Vets
314 Commercial St W, Mount Gambier
08 8725 5855

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