We all know the comfort a hot chocolate can bring. There is so much hype about the coffee that the humble hot chocolate has been cast aside. Not in Mount Gambier!

We are proud of the hot chocolate experiences we have on offer. We also understand the experience is enhanced when accompanied by a sweet nibble. The pairing options on offer across Mount Gambier are unlimited. Not for us the mass produced cakes and slices, our cafes offered baked on location treats, but that is another story, for another day.

Today we focus on the glorious hot chocolate. It has come a long way from the days of hot cocoa at Nana’s house, or Milo in the morning as kids. There is now the many and varied offerings of this fine beverage in cafes across the globe. We think Mount Gambier is up there with any of them. Here are just some of our top Hot Choc destinations;

  • Molten Chocolate Café – Here is a treat, flavoured hot chocs of all sorts, with a different blend every day.
  • Sorrentos Cafe – A relaxed and welcoming environment, with tempting accompaniments, try the slices and cakes.
  • McDonald’s –Yes, the classic McD Hot Chocolate still remains a favourite with visitors and locals. Sweet and consistent, you always know what you will get.
  • The Whistling Cat – A quirky little café where they serve the classic hot chocolate sorted.
  • Royal Copenhagen Ice Creamery (known as Copenhagens) – Our panel agreed “really chocolatey, with chocolate around the rim”.

Hot Chocolate beginnings…did you know?

Chocolate was the drink of royals, aristocrats and wealthy merchants; the beans were so valuable they were used as currency and in the 1700’s in London Chocolate Houses became popular and trendy!